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The primary mission of the LPFA is to further education, health care, economic development, and job creation in Louisiana in order to make Louisiana a better place to work, live, and raise our families. We fulfill this mission by serving as a conduit issuer of tax-exempt and taxable bonds for Louisiana and its citizens. As a conduit issuer of bonds, the LPFA provides the means for qualifying projects and entities to receive tax-exempt financing and therefore achieve substantial interest cost savings. We also fulfill our mission by offering free college planning resources to students and parents through Lela, the LPFA’s education division.

Tax-Exempt and Taxable Bonds

Tax Exempt Private Activity Bonds may be issued by entities (cities, parishes, industrial boards, local public trusts, the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority, harbor and terminal districts, and other special authorities) to finance qualified manufacturing facilities, certain exempt facilities, and non-profit 501(c)(3) facilities.

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Building under construction in Louisiana
Economic Development in Louisiana

Economic Development

Every LPFA project and program is done with the intent of helping the people of Louisiana.  Our mission is to make Louisiana a better place to live, work and raise families by furthering education, health care, economic development and job creation in the state.

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College Planning

Louisiana Education Loan Authority continue to meet one-on-one with families to provide free college planning resources through its College Planning Center (CPC) in Baton Rouge.  Through the CPC, Lela worked privately with parents and high school students to complete the paperwork required to secure grants, loans and scholarships.

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